My C visit visa was approved. In my application I have highlighted that I will travel to the UK to perform assembly of automatic warehouse, which a UK company has bought from an Italian company.

On my visa it says "No work or ressource to public funds".

My question is, will I be able to do the assembly work with this visa?

Thank you very much for your answer.

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You're fine. The activity that you describe falls within the scope of permitted activities.

Manufacturing and supply of goods to the UK

An employee of a foreign manufacturer or supplier may install, dismantle, repair, service or advise on equipment, computer software or hardware where it has a contract of purchase or supply or lease with a UK company or organisation.

Secondly, you applied for a visa and told them what you intend to do, if that was not allowed they would have sent a clear refusal letter. Work is not just about any work.

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