The Netherlands is implementing a Registered Traveller Programme to allow holders of certain passports to use the automatic gates at Schiphol (AMS) abbreviated RTP-NL. Announced last year, the implementation of that program has been delayed until Q1 2018, which is now. Does anyone know if that program is taking applications yet?

  • The schiphol rtp page now states end of 2018 – Jan V Jul 3 '18 at 10:49
  • The website for it has been taken down. It looks like it's not happening. – jdouglas Jan 6 '19 at 1:04

Schipol Airport tweeted about this earlier in the week. The linked tweet is in Dutch, but translates roughly as:

@ikorpershoek Hello Ies, thanks for your question. RTP-NL is currently still in development in cooperation with the Dutch Government and @Marechaussee. Unfortunately, We are unable to estimate the starting date of RTP-NL at this time. ^ Job

So it's not operational yet, unfortunately.

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I was going through passport control and I was able to see that the signs to e-gates now have the RTP-NL sign hidden by a black sticker. You can also see the sign for where you can register for the RTP-NL Programme.

I asked Schiphol via twitter regarding this and I got an answer below:

Thank you for your question! The latest update we have received about the re-introduction of RTP-NL stated that it is expected to be activated again in the second quarter of 2020. Those registered with RTP-NL can then become a Privium member at our airport without a European passport. More information will follow soon!

So if there are no more delays, we can probably expect it to be available sometime between April and July this year.

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I went through passport control (near Pier H) this week, and while there's a sign up near the Privium lane for RTP-NL registration, it's blacked out with no indication of when it's opening.

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    As another update, Schiphol Airport changed the RTP-NL launch date on its website from "Q1 2018" to "2018". – Nick Lee Apr 12 '18 at 12:49

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