I am travelling with my PC, so the actual computer + case and monitor have their own cases ... That makes 2 pieces but they weigh only around 15 kg together.

In my booking i have 2 pieces - total 40 kg given.

Will they allow me to check-in an extra baggage along with my computer and monitor as an exception if the total weight is under 40 kg?

I am traveling from EVN - DOH - MAA, from Yerevan TO Chennai with a connection at Doha.

I want to know if this is possible or do I have to pay extra or any other possibilities.


Qatar Airways baggage allowance does vary according to your ticket class and route. Your route falls within

Flights to and from all other destinations
First Class : 50kg (110lb) and a maximum dimension of 300 cm (118in)
Business Class : 40kg (88lb) and a maximum dimension of 300 cm (118in)
Economy Class : 30kg (66lb) and a maximum dimension of 300 cm (118in)

You would need to calculate the maximum dimension of each piece (length + width + height), and add those two results to determine how much additional baggage you would be allowed to check before you would be charged excess baggage fees by your carrier.

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