I using Philippines passport I renewed it in Kuwait last 2016 but when I go back to the Philippines this 2017 I didn't recognised that my passport has a problem the DFA inform me to renew to correct my surname. What should I do? Can I attach my old passport to the new passport so that the visa know that I just renew because of my surname!

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Edit: This answer is based on a misunderstanding of the question. See asker's comment below.

If the new passport has the wrong spelling then your best option is to get the DFA to replace it with a correct version.

When you apply for the Schengen visa, include a note about what happened but only if the work permit (I assume the wp was issued by Kuwait) has a different spelling from your correct legal name.

Your post is hard to read because there are no punctuation marks or new lines. Try to make your application easier to read.

  • The old passport has the wrong spelling so the DFA said to renew thats why i renew for the new one but the work permit come from Malta using the old passport number if im going to apply visa for schengen what should i do do i need to attach the old passport to the new passport?
    – Ja Ja
    Feb 25, 2018 at 0:46

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