I see some advertisement about something like Green card regularly. What does it mean? Is it a real lottery with prizes or just another spam in the web?
How can it be that a country just gives a chance to somebody to live there according to some lottery?

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Yes, it is a real thing. It is to encourage immigration from countries that have low immigration rates to the US. There are tens of thousands that are given each year. I want to say around 50,000. The idea is to increase the USA's diversity.

If you 'win' the lottery, you receive a 'Green Card' or permanent residency in the United States.

EDIT: True (via Hippietrail), you should be very careful. I believe Russia was on the list last year, but you must check that. Although Ukraine I know tops for number of lottery issues in Europe. Warnings about the program can be seen here.

The registration is here.

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    There are many borderline websites which offer to help you apply for a fee. They are close to being a scam and indulge in spammy practices but they seem to get away with it. Different countries have different allotments. 20 years ago at least it was very easy for Irish people to get them. I knew people that got them and didn't even bother using them. The numbers surely change every year. The last one was ruled invalid due to some computer glitch and re-drawn. – hippietrail Jul 20 '11 at 7:32
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