I would like to be able to camp without fees for a week outside of Adelaide City, in South Australia, being able to walk, cycle or take public transport into town within an hour.

Not wishing to spend on a paid mobile application listing campsites, I'd like to find free information online.

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    Not an answer, this link might help: weekendnotes.com/free-camping-spots-sa (As I do not know the quality of the information I do not feel right to copy details.)
    – Willeke
    Feb 18, 2018 at 11:03
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    @Willeke The closest that anyone of those spots is to Adelaide is 2 hours by private transport. They are locations out in the bush, not near the city centre.
    – Peter M
    Mar 17, 2018 at 13:08
  • If you are Aboriginal you can camp in the city parks for free.
    – AussieJoe
    Jul 10, 2018 at 20:35

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Clarendon Campground might be your only option, that I can find.

FindaCamp literally only shows one within 25km of the city - Clarendon. A permit is required, however.

There used to be no camping signs up, but from comments on this list of sites, these signs have been removed.

Further, on the same australiancaravans page, locals have listed a bunch of their favourite free camping sites.


Unfortunately, you're really going to struggle with this one.

Like most big Australian cities, Adelaide heavily restricts camping within a sizeable radius of its city centre, and it's even hard to find paid camps outside of caravan parks.

Unless you want to camp illegally - I can't recommend this, but plenty of people do - the closest free campsite is close to an hour from Adelaide by private vehicle.

What's more, most of the closest options are simple highway rest areas. Sure, they offer a place to sleep, but I certainly wouldn't want to stay in one for a week.

Here are a few of the closest free camping options:

Nairne Rest Area - While you won't find comfort here, it's arguably the closest free camp to the city centre. It's 40km southeast of Adelaide, which you could almost cover in an hour on a decent bike.

Lower Light Hotel Free Camping - This one's just over 50km north of Adelaide, and it's definitely worth checking out. It's a rather basic campground, but it sits back off the highway a little and offers a peaceful camping experience.

Robinsons Hill Walk-In Camping - This free campsite is situated 87km south of Adelaide, which is feasibly within biking distance for some. It's a small, walk-in camp that's 300m from the closest road, and it offers beautiful scenery and a peaceful vibe.

Red Banks Conservation Park Campground - You will have to travel a little further to this free camp, as it sits 180km north of Adelaide. I recently wrote an article outlining the best free campsites in Australia, and Red Banks was among the top three options in South Australia.

All that said, I'd highly recommend paying a few dollars for the WikiCamps app, as it lists literally every place you can safely camp in Australia.

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