With Germany's blue passport issued for refugees, do I need visa to travel to UK? In a website www.handbookgermany.de they have mentioned that I can travel visa free to European countries as well as countries member of European Council.... UK is also a member of EU council. Still I need to confirm before travel.

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    Note that the agreement about visa-free travel for refugees is not the work of the European Council, but of the Council of Europe, which is a completely different thing. The European Council is one of the policy-making bodies of the EU; the Council of Europe is a separate international organization whose members include countries both within and without the EU. (And the Council of the European Union is different still). – hmakholm left over Monica Feb 17 '18 at 0:12

The "Reiseausweis"?

No, you cannot enter the UK without a visa with that document, because the UK (France too) has opted out of that regulation at the moment. The UK requires you to have a visa. (France at the moment does not require you to have a visa, although they opted out, too.)

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