I've seen this on several buildings in Vienna in Innerstadt, a few weeks ago. Wondered what exactly it meant.

vienna placard


This seems to be something used for surveying. The logo on top seems to indicate it's from a civil engineering company.

The scale looks very much like a level staff, so it's most probably used for some sort of height difference measurement.

I tried to look for projects this could be related to both on the webpage of the city administration survey service and the project website of the construction company, however, I can't find anything specific. It could be used for a construction project or to measure subsidence.

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    "It could be used for a construction project or to measure subsidence." - More likely "and" rather than "or". My money (as a civil engineer) is on there being a nearby construction project, and they're required to prove that they're not affecting nearby buildings by regularly surveying them for subsidence.
    – AndyT
    Feb 8 '18 at 12:31

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