Is there a low-cost airline between South-Asia (or the Middle East) and Europe? I don't mind changing flights and staying overnight. I want to know if there are some. I know about Scoot, Norwegian to South-Asia; Pegasus to the Middle East.

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    Note that "low-cost" refers to a business model, not necessarily fares. I am often able to find lower fares on, say, American or United than on jetBlue or Southwest, albeit with a great many more restrictions. – choster Feb 5 '18 at 14:58

I think you need to narrow this down a bit. In general "low cost" airlines are NOT always cheaper than "full service" airlines. You need to look at specific dates and destinations to optimize the price. For example, Frankfurt <-> Bangkok in February on Etihad or Turkish is around US $600 round trip. Given the distance, I doubt you can get it a lot cheaper than that.


I've noticed relatively(in comparison to Emirates, Qatar, Oman) inexpensive flights offered by Gulf air with regional (national) carriers of European countries. However they tend to have extremely long layovers.

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