Can I board a flight from Tijuana to Juarez without a passport and only using a California ID?


You can board a flight in Mexico with just your California ID but you will also need a Mexican Tourist Card (FMM). You can obtain one at the airport by filling out the necessary paperwork or doing it online. The cost is $500 pesos or $24USD. I highly recommend checking https://www.gob.mx/en/index.

Please note you will need to at least know or have access to your passport number to fill out the form for the FMM.

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    If a US citizen is in Mexico less than seven days, the paperwork is no charge. One one of my exits, they tried to charge me $25 (not $24) for more than seven days because when I entered, the guy put a false date on my card. Also, when I boarded a plane from MEX to NLD, I had the proper papers, but no one asked to see them. – WGroleau Feb 2 '18 at 7:57

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