I'll be travelling to the United States from Egypt in a few days on an exchange program. A round-trip United Airlines ticket has been booked for me through a travel agent.

I'm planning to extend my stay for a few days to visit DC with my cousin, so I asked the travel agent to change the return flight. He replied with a change fee of 385$ which is 200$ above what is shown on United.com.

Upon confronting him, he said has to up-sell to avoid having me ask to change the booking again. And suggested that I make the change online.

Which is what I tried to do. However, I could not pay using my debit card as it turned out United does not accept payments from Egypt.

Luckily, my aunt has offered to pay using her American credit card. However, I've been warned that some airlines ask passengers to show the card that was used to make the booking before boarding the flight.

I sent a support request to United a few hours ago, asking if I can have someone else pay for my change fees and they haven't replied yet.


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[Update] United has replied; they said I will not be asked to show the credit card at the airport!

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