Besides the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo, what are the don't-miss pieces of the Louvre's permanent collection?

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    What kind of art are you interested in? What kind of art can you easily see at home? That'll make a big difference on what things you should try to see, and what bits you can safely leave for a future visit so you can concentrate on the bits that are special for you!
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  • I think this question is too broad in current form.
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  • I find this question and answers to be constructive: most people will spend a small fortune to visit the Louvre and must prioritize what they see: this provides prioritization guidance. I feel that if the community has a problem with the question then it should help the OP to pose a question.
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You can find almost everything about Louvre's permanent exhibits and events in the museum's site. Famous permanent exhibits that I'd personally wouldn't miss are:

You can find more about the Louvre's permanent exhibits on the site's Selected Works section.


In mesopotamian collections, don't miss the code of Hammurabi found in Susa (Shush, Iran), the first written law in the world.

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