Pardon me if this is a duplicate question, but I simply could not find an answer here, on the State Department's site, or on usvisa-info.com.

How long does a US embassy take to "stamp" and return an applicant's passport after a successful B2 visa interview?

The State Department's site lists an average "appointment wait time" of 4 days, but I'm not sure if this is:

  1. How long an applicant should expect to wait for an open appointment slot.


  1. How long an applicant should expect to wait after his/her interview to receive docs.

wait time table

Clicking "see details" does nothing to show information about "Visa Processing Wait Times" which are explained at the bottom of the page.

Note, I'm inquiring for relatives in Iran. I know their chances are practically non-existent, but they insist on applying. I ask about the processing time because they'll need to book a trip to Turkey for the interview, and they'll need their passports back before they can return to Iran.

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  • Interesting. From everything I have read, that tool is also supposed to display the processing time, but it does not. In any case, the interviewing officer can advise of the processing time at the time of the interview. – Michael Hampton Apr 21 '18 at 1:07
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