My friend, an Indian national, will be kicking her heels in LHR, for a long layover. If possible, I'd like to meet up with her. This would require her to clear immigration and enter the UK. The LHR website mentions a 24-hour visa available at the discretion of the immigration officer.

She meets the onward travel requirements, but does not have any UK visa.

I can't find any mention of this 24-hour visa on any government web sites. Does anyone know if it really works? Is there a fee and how much?

  • Where is your friend travelling from and to?
    – Crazydre
    Commented Jan 3, 2018 at 16:42

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If she is:

  • traveling to another country with enough funds and proof to be able to enter that country.
  • able to show that her only purpose is transit while leaving the airport
  • leaving the UK within the next 48 hours

she can get a visitor in transit visa. She can also get this visa if she is traveling to/from or has a visa/permanent residence of USA, Canada & a couple of other countries.

Technically you can get this visa on-arrival at the airport as long as the immigration officer is satisfied with the mentioned conditions.

However, if you are not sure about it you can apply for it beforehand. The fee is 62 pounds.

PS: As far as I know the 24-hour direct airside transit visa (DATV) is if you won't leave the airport.


Check this pages:

Visa to pass through the UK in transit

But, according to this site, your friend may need a Visitor in Transit visa instead.


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