Wikitravel's Japanese-language guide to New South Wales (Japanese hasn't yet migrated to Wikivoyage), appears to claim that a Japanese passport is required for Japanese citizens to visit the Japanese war cemetery in Cowra:

カウラ ( Cowra ) ー カウラ日本人墓地とカウラ日本庭園がある。日本人墓地に入るには、日本国パスポートの提示が必要。

Google translate:

Cowra - Cowra There are Japanese cemetery and Cowra Japanese garden. To enter the Japanese cemetery, presentation of the Japanese passport is necessary.

By contrast, Visit Cowra says about the Japanese war cemetery:

Accessible at all times and admission is free

and there's no mention of any restrictions on the Trip Advisor page.

Are non-Japanese allowed to visit the cemetery, and are there any ID requirements for visiting the place?


There are definitely no citizenship, age, or ID requirements for entering the Japanese cemetery and gardens. It's been several years since I was there, but realistically there is no way such restrictions would ever be enforced - plus they would almost certainly be illegal under Australian law (discrimination on grounds of race/citizenship).

I suspect this is a case of something being lost in the translation - perhaps to "enter" the cemetery (ie, be buried there) you had to "present a Japanese passport" (ie, be Japanese)?

  • Or perhaps Japanese people need a Japanesa passport to enter Australia and visit the cemetery.
    – Pere
    Nov 7 '18 at 17:50

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