I am travelling from Bali, Indonesia to Mumbai, India. I want to carry a CD that has a video of a water sport that I did in Bali. Will there be any problem on Bali airport or Mumbai airport if I put that CD in my hand bag? As in will I be allowed to carry it? I have a flight after that to Bangalore and need to report to office. So I cannot afford to take the next flight. Please advice.

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    Why would you think it wouldn't be allowed? Dec 24 '17 at 0:12
  • @ZachLipton A broken CD would make a wonderful improvised knife. (Along with almost any number of other items - including credit cards)
    – Peter M
    Dec 24 '17 at 17:23
  • If you're female, do you think customs could be unhappy if you're showing too much skin?
    – mkennedy
    Dec 25 '17 at 1:40

Yes, you can bring CDs with you, either checked in or carried on.

There is a small chance that they will be inspected on arrival by Indian customs, but if the contents are just scuba diving etc, there's nothing to worry about.

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