I'll be in Canberra on Saturday for about half a day. The place I usually stay isn't available, so I'm hoping to leave my bags at the Jolimont bus station and do some shopping.

I'm wondering if there are such facilities - that is - luggage storage, at Canberra Jolimont station? I'll be arriving on Murrays and leaving on Greyhound, if that makes any difference.

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According to another person who had the same problem like you, yes there is a luggage storage.

Good news is that locker room is available in Canberra and it is affordable and practical. It is located right behind the Murrays counter in Jolimont Centre where coaches stop.


The source also provides pictures of the lockers and prices according to Feb. 2016 (at least an indicator).


Alas, Murrays no longer has luggage storage, I was directed to Greyhound (same terminal).

For $10 a small bag, or $15 for a large, they'll store it - but only up to just before 6pm when their counter closes. It's in a locked room and is very secure.

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