My boyfriend and I are flying into Las Vegas but would prefer not to rent a car through the usual Hertz, Dollar Rental etc. Does anyone know of a reliable car share program in Vegas? Something where we could rent a car from someone for a reasonable rate for a few days.

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Las Vegas had one of the most ambitious shared transportation schemes in the country, including shared Tesla Model S sedans, managed by a company called Shift. In the end, Shift went defunct in 2015; they could not keep up with their own hype.

Las Vegas did attract traditional car sharing service ZipCar, which is owned by Avis Budget Group. The Las Vegas rates page at this time appears to be broken, however. For services where you rent a private individual's car, as opposed to a fleet vehicle, I am only aware of Turo and JustShareIt, both of which do have vehicles in Las Vegas, though not much of a selection.

Otherwise, I would note that Las Vegas, as a tourist hub, has very competitive rental car rates as well as plentiful taxis and other transportation options.

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    I can confirm as a Zipcar member that the rates page shows up properly, on the members-only website.
    – gparyani
    Commented Dec 15, 2017 at 1:53

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