This is my issue: I was robbed and my passport was stolen with my ATM cards. I went to the nearest police station to make a police report and an affidavit as I was advised to get a new passport before proceeding to the consular office. Which I did within a few days. A day after I got the new passport, I got a call from the police that my passport has been recovered along with the other stolen items.

So I went to the immigration office and told them that my passport had been recovered and asked if I need to go to the embassy again. I was told that I don’t need to go the embassy as all they will need to do is to cancel my old passport without tampering with my US valid visa on it, since I got a new passport and was told that I will need to hold both my new passport and old passport while traveling.

So I want to ask if this is right and won’t give me a problem at the US port of entry? Thanks.

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    Who told you that you don't need to go to the embassy? I'd be extremely concerned about trying to use a visa in a passport that you've previously reported stolen, as that information is entered into an international database, and you could be accused of being the thief. I wouldn't do this without an authoritative written answer from US CBP saying it is ok. Dec 12, 2017 at 20:20
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    @jpatokal the police should enter the stolen passport in the international database of stolen passports, should they not?
    – phoog
    Dec 13, 2017 at 5:13
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    If you've reported the theft to the authorities in your country, they should have added it to Interpol's database. The US checks that database to identify people who may be trying to use lost or stolen documents. I would enquire with the consulate, via the same channels you would report a lost/stolen visa to see what they say, and carry a copy of that response if they say it is ok to travel. Dec 13, 2017 at 5:34
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    My point is that when you told your government that you passport was stolen, they should have reported it to an international database of stolen passports. The US checks that database and can tell the passport was reported stolen. That could lead to a major problem at immigration if you have one registered stolen passport and one new one. I don't know for sure whether or not it will be a problem, but I, personally, wouldn't want to risk showing up at the border holding a Nigerian passport that has been reported stolen. This is why I'm suggesting you contact the consulate. Dec 13, 2017 at 6:28
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    @zach Lipton .. oh now I get your point .. I will still contact the Us consulate like you said but I know that my case can never be the first which has been encountered before .. I forgot to inform you that the immigration has cancelled the old passport by indicating a CANCEL stamp on which shows that it was lost but found and cannot be used anymore since its has been reissued but I can still make use of it due to my valid US visa on it since it has been reissued ...Do you get the point now ? But not withstanding .. I will still contact the US consulate Dec 13, 2017 at 8:14


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