One of the necessary documents for a Schengen visa for non EU citizens is proof of your flights, but it doesn't state the actual (e-)tickets (for which I already paid), or the reservation of flights.

So my question is, which option would be more acceptable (if I can provide any of them) to provide printed tickets to an EU member embassy or reservation of flights (reservation does not expect payment)?


Straight from ANNEX II of Visa Code:

  1. for journeys undertaken for the purposes of tourism or for private reasons:


(b) documents relating to the itinerary:

— confirmation of the booking of an organised trip or any other appropriate document indicating the envisaged travel plans,

— in the case of transit: visa or other entry permit for the third country of destination; tickets for onward journey;

So the actual e-ticket is not required, and booking confirmation should be enough - as long as it indicates your travel plans. However if you already have an issued e-tickets which state your itinerary, they can serve as such indeed.

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