I want to travel from Agrigento to Syracuse. I saw possibilities in Trenitalia but despite the distance being short, it takes more time due to multiple connections. Is there convenient (and cheaper) public transportation between these two cities?


I haven't been to Agrigento in 25+ years but back then there were buses to quite a few places from Agrigento. Although we took the train from Palermo to Agrigento, we ended up going back by bus, more convenient and more choices.


Rome2Rio suggests a 4h50m bus journey from Agrigento to Siracusa via Catania as your cheapest and fastest option:

Rome2Rio Agrigento to Siracusa search results

Buses run several times a day and are operated by SAIS Trasporti, whose website details the itineraries and costs of all the tickets.

Alternatively, you can choose a 5h regional train journey via Caltanissetta. This itinerary is available once per day. See the Trenitalia website for options and bookings.

Finally Blablacar is a very popular car-sharing service, that works fine in Italy.

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