Do I need to get out of International Zone at Charles de Gaulle airport when changing terminals from 1 to 2e?

I'm flying ULN-Beijing-Paris-Manchester. ULN-Paris is Air China then Paris-MCR is Flybe. I have 3.40 hours between the connecting flight at Charles De Gaulle airport. my problem is that Air China won't check my baggage to my final destination. I have to pick it up then re-check again. If I don't have to leave the international zone of the airport, then I won't need a transit visa. Do I have to leave the international zone and go through passport control to collect my bag and re-check it in again to board Flybe to Manchester? Also is 3:40 hours enough to do all of this when solo traveling with a 3-year-old child? If I decide to travel baggage free and with carry-on only, I don't need to leave transit zone to change terminals?

Than you very much for any advice!

  • Are you sure you have the right tickets? There doesn't seem to be any airport with abbreviation MCR close to Manchester -- gcmap.com guesses it's somewhere in Guatemala but calls that "unreliable". Nov 20, 2017 at 12:22
  • yeah it's manchester, UK. sorry for the abbrev. Nov 20, 2017 at 12:32
  • 1
    @HenningMakholm MCR=Manchester City region
    – Crazydre
    Nov 21, 2017 at 1:43

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To pick up luggage, you always have to clear immigration, so you will need a visa.

Even if you only have hand luggage, with separate tickets check-in staff will usually treat Paris as the final destination and deny you boarding without a visa.

So what you need is a short-stay (type C) Schengen visa from the French embassy. If the application form asks for the purpose of the trip, select "transit"


Beijing and Manchester are both international destinations (i.e. outside the Schengen area). CDG has international airside transfers between all terminals. If you have no carry-on, then from terminal 2E, walk or take a shuttle to terminal 2C, then take a shuttle to terminal 1. You won't need to clear immigration in Paris.

If you have luggage that isn't checked through, then as far as I know you'll need to pick it up at the same place as everyone else, and that's after immigration. So in that case you will need to spend more time in a queue, and you will need a transit visa if your citizenship and visa status requires it.

If everything goes well, 3:40 hours is enough. Say 1 hour to clear immigration, ½ hour to reach the other terminal, you have 2 hours to check in for the next flight. With a small child, it may be a bit tight as it doesn't allow much slack for accidents or for resting. The problem is if your incoming flight is late. I strongly recommend to either get the Paris–Manchester flight on the same ticket or to allow a lot more time in Paris.

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