I wonder whether a night train from Istanbul to Sofia (a train that leaves at 22:40 and arrives at 8:45) offers WiFi.

Also, if it is available, does the WiFi work decently? (Since on these types of trains, even though they offer WiFi, it is practically useless and I could not connect in the first place...).

  • @dda The reason it should be WiFi instead of Wi-Fi...? – Blaszard Nov 20 '17 at 12:17
  • Another solution can be renting a pocket wifi it's not free but when comparing it with other solutions it's really efficient to use and affordable. You can use it both in Istanbul and Sofia. I used one and it was good for me. – Damian Masternak Nov 27 '18 at 11:45
  • I think the original (Wi-Fi) was correct as that is the trademark. – mdewey Nov 27 '18 at 14:25

If things are not changed in last years you will travel in an old standard coach without sockets or Wi-fi (and no restaurant coach). Please pay attention, because trains don't leave anymore from Istanbul but from Halkali (Istanbul suburbs).

  • There's indeed no Wifi, but there are two types of Trains: old Bulgarian couchette cars and new Turkish couchette/sleeper cars. If booking a 6-berth couchette, you'll get the old Train, and if booking a 4-berth couchette or sleeper, you'll get the new train – Crazydre Nov 20 '17 at 14:48

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