I have a question and a concern regarding transit visa requirement for Indian Citizen travelling back to US via London while on F 1 Visa. I have one semester left and I am visiting my family this winter. I will be coming back on 19th of January from New Delhi to Boston via London. I have visited UK's official website but I am not clear with conditions for Transit visa considering that I have a connecting flights with same airline (landing on LHR on 19th January at 5:40 pm and schedule to take off on 20th January at 9:20 am). It would be great If somebody here can comment on this and provide me with some detailed information about this.



As stated on the GOV.UK website, you cannot stay in the transit area of the airport overnight (you will Need to enter the UK), but do not need a visa.

At UK border control, present your passport open at the visa page, completed landing card and connecting boarding pass to Boston, and you can stay until 23:59 the next day.

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