According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

The fees are about 3,000 yen for a single-entry visa, 6,000 yen for a double-entry or multiple-entry visa, and 700 yen for a transit visa. Fees are collected in the currency of the country (region) in which the Embassy / Consulate General is located.

Depending on the purpose of your visit and your nationality, fees may not be required or may be a different amount.

But there is zero information about the price on the local website.


As long as you are Ukrainian and apply in Ukraine, it is free.

According to the Embassy of Japan in Ukraine website:

4. 査証手数料について


This reads as:

4. About the application fees

It is free for Ukraines to apply for the visa. For citizens from other countries, contact the Embassy or a consulate, or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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  • By the way the English button on the top-right corner for some reasons lead to the Embassy of Japan in Moldova... – Blaszard Nov 16 '17 at 2:56

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