Last week, my Schengen application via France was refused. Can I reapply immediately to a different embassy (Greece) with a shorter itinerary? I originally applied for 24 days and I want to shorten in to 14 days. Should I also change the submitted letter of approved dates of leave? I will also be submitting additional documents I failed to attach on my last application like properties I owned.


Yes. But keep in mind that a steady, well-documented income is more important than the assets you own.

  • You can reapply immediately, at the same or a different embassy. Where you make your application depends on your itinerary. The Greek officials will see your visa history, of course.
  • It might make sense to write a short paragraph in a cover letter to explain that you have been refused before because you did not submit enough documents, and that your itinerary changed accordingly.
  • Getting a visa for 14 days will not be easier than getting a visa for 24 days.

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