Do the inter-island flights in Hawaii use

  • a ticketing model like the lower 48 states (purchasing far in advance is massively cheaper, high fees to change tickets)
  • or a "bus model" like the inter-island flights in Trinidad and Tobago (show up, buy a ticket, get on the next plane)?

I'm planning an extended trip to the islands, and I'd like to maximize my flexibility by not buying inter-island flights until I have exhausted the charms of the island I'm currently on. But, not if it costs me a fortune to do so.


tl;dr: mainland.


All changes are subject to a ticket change fee and difference in fare. Charges are per segment and dependent on fare rules for ticket purchased.


Interisland Web special fares are valid only for travel between Honolulu and Lihue, Kauai / Kahului, Maui / Kona, Hawaii / Hilo, Hawaii. Changes will be subject to a $30 USD change fee and difference in fare, if applicable.

Mokulele Airlines can't find the similar page but doing one search with them shows Web Specials, Everyday Low Fares w/ a $25 change fee and significantly lower price than the Unrestricted Fares.

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