I have a 13-hour layover in Hong Kong. I hold a passport issued at Hyderabad, India. Hong Kong does not issue transit visas for passport holders from India.

I am looking at things I could do in the transit area of the airport. Both my arrival and departure flights are from Terminal 1.

Can I go to Terminal 2, watch a couple of movies at the IMAX cinema and come back to terminal 1?

Any other suggestions are welcome!


All flights depart from Terminal 1. Terminal 2 is only for check-in. If you stay in the transit area, airside, you can not go to T2. The IMAX cinema is landside. There's not much to do in HKIA, airside. You don't need a visa as an Indian citizen, just to register online before going. You might be better off entering HK and, depending on the schedule, go around visiting, or catching some sleep.

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