How and where can I obtain a shore pass when I arrive at Narita terminal 2?

I asked PR airline; they said I need to claim my luggage at arrival in Narita Tokyo terminal 2. If I claim my luggage, I need to pass at immigration and clear at customs, then transfer to another terminal and another airline. If I transfer from terminal 2 to terminal 1 and I need to claim my luggage, do I need to get shore pass first? How and where do I obtain that?


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I would get a transit visa instead, assuming your nationality is one that requires a visa to enter Japan.

Timatic, the database airlines use to check travel document requirements, says that "holders of onward tickets transiting to a third country can obtain a Shore Pass on arrival for a max. stay of 72 hours only if there are no connecting flights on the same calendar day" (and some other requirements). It sounds like your flight is on the same day.

Relying on a shore pass requires convincing the airline to let you board, even though their system will say that a visa is required for such a connection. I would get a Japanese visa for this trip.

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