I'm looking to head back to Thailand for 25 days (under the 30 day allowance without a visa) in May 2018.

I last visited Thailand in June/July 2015 and had misjudged our timing out there and ended up overstaying for 2 days - we had only realised this once arriving back to BKK airport. We did not get asked to pay a fine, but had our passports stamped with a little scribble underneath.

My main query and concern is if I will be allowed to re-enter Thailand in May 2018 for 25 days due to staying 32 days instead of 30 back in 2015?

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You should not undergo any re-entry ban due to your previous 2-days overstay.

This site sums it up very well:

An alien who overstays more than 90 days beyond his/her permitted date will be banned from re-entering the country for 1 year, starting from the departure date.

infographics on penalties

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