I've tried to book a single ticket from Shiraz to Tehran with Mahan Air. But they never accepted my (Belgian) credit card.

I wonder if there are any alternative ways I can book it.

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    Seems the airline website has a credit card payment option only. You can visit the airline's office or book via some agent – Newton Oct 23 '17 at 14:47

As far as I know, for Iranian airlines (Mahan, Iran Air,..) you should always book via an agency as they still don't have international payment systems (mainly due to sanctions); as an alternative you can look for an agency that works with them in the city/country of your residence and give them a call!

Generally these sale points work like this: receive your request, look for a ticket in your preferred date, inform you of the exact available date and the corresponding price, along with an IBAN and a deadline to pay.

In the links below you can find list of their official sale offices:

Mahan Air

Iran Air

If you can't find an official sale office nearby, there might be some other local agencies that sell their tickets. You can find out about them by contacting them.

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