If I am staying at several (say, 4) different hotels across the country during my trip, should I list them all on the landing card under the field "Contact address in the UK (in full)"?

Many discussions online seem to point out that only the address during the first night is of importance, but is that practice acceptable if I am staying at the said place only for the first night but somewhere entirely different for the next 10 nights?

I suppose they would like to see all addresses according to a recent account by an ex-Home Office worker:

"Landing cards were a “useful intelligence tool”, David Wood, former Home Office director-general of immigration enforcement, told The Times. “We could access them to find out where someone was staying or where they had stayed if we were carrying out an investigation.”"

A picture of the landing card can be seen here

Photo of UK Landing Card


All that is required is the first address. The primary reason this is asked is that so they can check that you're actually planning to stay where you claim you're staying, although in practice checks are rare.

(No, I don't have a UK-specific reference, but this is the standard worldwide and the UK is planning to scrap the cards soon anyway.)

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