To apply for a Schengen business visa, you need a letter from the company in the Member state inviting you. My company is based in the UK, owns properties in Schengen countries, and I have to inspect their condition.

What letter do I get?

  • Where do you see the requirement that the company must be in the member state?
    – phoog
    Oct 18, 2017 at 18:12

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For a Schengen Business visa you will need a cover letter explaining, in detail, the purpose of the visit. It is like almost anyother company letter, on an official letter head filled in with all of the business details. I am assuming that the letterhead will contain the address/phone/email/fax etc of the company.

The letter format can be something like this:

[Letterhead of Company]

To: Consulate General of [the country of travel]


Dear Consul General:

Through this letter, I want to confirm that Mr./Mrs. [Name and last name] is an employee at our firm [company name], as [job title/position]. Mr./Mrs. [Name] has been working with our company for the last [number of years] and will be travelling to [name of city], [country] starting from [date of entry] until [date of exit] for a total of [number of days] to attend to the following work-related activities:

Write in as much detail as possible about the business that will be conducted abroad. This would be a date-by-date break down of your business plan

While [name of employee] is visiting your country, it is important to also visit [name of visiting company and contact details].

Mr./Mrs. [Name] will be staying at [hotel name, address, phone number]. I kindly ask for the [visa type] to be issued to Mr./Mrs. [Name and last name] at your earliest convenience.

Applicant Details:

[name of employee]

[date of birth]


[passport number]

Please, do not hesitate to contact me should you have any further inquiries. Thank you for your assistance.


[Supervisor signature]

[Name and last name]



[Phone number]

[company website]

Of course you can make adjustments to this as needed for your business purpose/visit. Another document that may be required to complement this letter would be your "Company brief/profile". It may be a letter explaining what your company profile is what your company does for busine

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