A friend of mine is soon visiting Fukuoka and would like to sample the famous local yatai food stalls:

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(courtesy Jacklee on Wikimedia)

However, she's vegetarian, while most of Fukuoka's famous dishes (Hakata ramen pork noodles, mentaiko cod roe etc) are not. Browsing the menu of a random stall, they do seem to list a number of vegetarianish items (moyashi itame stirfried bean sprouts, nasumiso eggplant with miso, etc), but knowing Japan, many will actually include bacon and other surprises. To calibrate the difficulty level, she's ok with traces of dashi/stock etc, but not actual chunks of meat or fish.

What vegetarian dishes can you expect to find at Fukuoka's yatais? Recommendations for specific yatai also welcome.

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    Doubtful there'll be vegetarian-friendly yatai – at least knowingly. There will be a few vegetable dishes, but even stuff based on the Japanese version of kimchi, kimuchi, like the kimutama, might not be vegetarian (as kimchi has shrimp/oyster in it). Yatai is not an easy place for vegetarians. Good food though :-)
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    Oct 11, 2017 at 8:09

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I'm pretty sure there's going to be no such thing as vegetarian yatai stalls at least I've certainly never noticed any there; but I do thoroughly recommend that those of a vegetarian persuasion -- or not, for that matter -- visit the Haze Rouge macrobiotic restaurant:

If there's anywhere that can make you authenticish vegetarian yatai, that's going to be the place.

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