I see that Travelex now offers a prepaid Travelex Money Card with a locked-in exchange rate and generally no further fees such as for ATM withdrawal. Unfortunately, they do not offer Moroccan dirham (MAD) money for Morocco.

Are there alternatives for a US citizen to obtain before departing to Morocco? Are there other prepaid debit cards that could be purchased in the US but used in Morocco for ATM cash withdrawal and charge-card usage, with a somewhat reasonable set of fees and exchange rate for MAD?

  • I need to buy a prepaid Visa card that I can use in Casablanca, Morrison. Can you help me with this? If I purchase today can I get it by Thursday? Commented Jul 29, 2019 at 17:55

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There are strong restrictions on taking MAD out of the country, so I believe technically you should not be able to buy/sell Dirhams outside the country, and thus there'd be no way to get locked-in exchange rates.

So just rely on any international card with low fees, refer US debit/ATM card with lowest fees for travel

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