The Casablanca Tramway appears to run an “R” line from the Mohammed V International Airport to the city center according to this map.

This 2015 news announcement seems to say that there is indeed a line now running to Casa-Port from the airport. But neither my French nor Google Translate are very trustworthy. So, I'm not quite sure.

➠ Can one take a tramway from the airport to the city?

  • If so, how?
  • Where is the station relative to the airport?
  • What is the cost?
  • What methods of payment?
  • How often does it run, and what hours?
  • How easy is it to figure out? Is there only a single tramway line running, so no way to get on the wrong one?

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Yes and no: The tramway does not go to the airport, but the Al Bidaoui regional rail does, connecting it to Casa-Voyageurs station:

The train station is situated at level -1 in the arrivals area of Terminal 1. Trains depart from the airport to Casablanca or viceversa every hour between 03:00h to 22:00 approximately. Journey time is about half an hour and the ticket costs 30 MAD (around 3 USD).

(courtesy casablanca-airport.com; not the official website, but more useful)

The map you linked to is a plan for 2030 showing current and future lines for both tram and train ("R"). A map of actual extent of the current tram system is available on the tram's official website.


There is no tram, but the train is easy to navigate for a foreigner. You can withdraw cash from your foreign credit card in the airport terminal and pay in cash.

With basic French, you can check the timetable at http://www.oncf.ma/Pages/Horaires.aspx - search for trains from AEROPORT Med V - CASA VOYAGEURS

Trains are (currently) hourly, and there’s only one line so you can’t go wrong.

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