I know Ko Phi Phi is probably the most expensive island in Thailand but despite the crowds it is still a beauty and worth visiting in my opinion. Last time there I didn't plan anything and ended up paying a walk-in rate of 900 Baht for a room I didn't like very much.

Can one still find a room/beach hut (with fan of course) for less than 600 Baht (preferably cheaper)?


Update Jan 2017

The prices have gone up, but it is still possible to find deals around the 500-600 Baht mark, especially in dorms. Booking search engines still give a good indication of which places to contact. Direct contact is still a great way to bring the price down.

On the low season no problem at all. Last May I heard several people mentioning the region of 200-300 baht per night for the best superior rooms. How to go about getting those special deals are a bit more hit and miss. I've heard that it might work to call to any hostel or guesthouse found online and negotiating a price, they might be willing to slice the web-price because it is the low season.

In low seasons you can also play them against each other and possibly carve a little bit off the price too.

In the high season (December-March) you can still find accommodation in dorms easy for 300 baht. As of writing this message I see there is a place called "Phutawan Bamboo Resort" that has double bed rooms for 250 baht even in december.

So I would say yes, there are still deals to be made. And of course you get what you pay for in many cases, and on Phi Phi I would try and find pictures of the place, or if I'm there I would ask to see the room first.

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