My 90 day Namibia tourist visa expires next month but I would like to stay longer. It is too late to apply for an extension, so it would seem that my only option is to border-hop. I am in the lucky position that I have two passports - a French one and an Canadian one. The Canadian one hasn't been used at all in Africa.

I imagine the steps for obtaining a new 90 day tourist visa would be as follows:

  • Exit SA on my "used" French passport to get an exit stamp.
  • Enter Namibia on my "fresh" Canadian passport.
  • Stay for a few days, then leave Angola using my Canadian passport.
  • Enter Namibia with my Canadian passport.

Will this succeed?

  • Can someone edit the question to clarify what is border-hopping?
    – gberger
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The visa is for you as a person, not for your passport. What you plan to do is equivalent to reusing the same passport, plus you are trying to sneak it by them. If they find out, it is probably a federal crime (or whatever that is called in SA), and might end in serious trouble.

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    South Africa does not have a Federal Government so it is just a crime, but in a higher schedule. Source: I'm a South African. Commented Oct 1, 2017 at 11:05

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