It is still uncertain whether my credit card insurance works as a medical insurance for visa-free travel to Belarus, so I'm going to prepare for signing in the insurance at the Minsk airport.

However, I guess that the medical insurance must be done before you pass through the immigration; otherwise no one would check your insurance. But I also feel that there is no ATM until you get through the immigration.

So it is unlikely that I could not have Belarusian currency, unless I obtain it in my destination airport in advance. But the rate must be pretty bad so I would rather avoid it.

So, my questions are:

  • How much does the insurance cost? I travel for 5 days (4 nights).
  • Can I use my credit card (either Amex or Visa)?
  • If it is only in cash, are other currencies acceptable, including Euro?

The cost of insurance is given on the website of MSQ airport: for 5 days it would cost you 6 euro.

Speaking about cash, you can purchase your insurance certificate both with BYN, RUR and with USD and EUR, so there is no need to worry here.

Speaking about cards, I cannot give you fully reliable information, so, please, keep my words only as a general guidance, not as a 100% proven source. I had no experience of purchasing insurance on arrival in Belarus, but taking into considerations my decades of living in Belarus and knowledge of card acceptance there, I can assume with a high probability that cards will be accepted in the insurance office. And as well, I am as sure as a gun that AmEx will not be accepted. Neither in the airport, nor on the other territory of Belarus (despite very rare places).

P.S. You feel it right, there will be no ATM until arrival hall. See my blue marks on airport scheme. The full scheme is here.


The general practice is:

you apply for a visa with a certificate / confirmation from your insurance people that they cover Belarus and it's no less than 10k;

if you are on a visa-free mode, you will have to present this certificate (or just your policy) at the airport passports control;

at the local police station (not required if on a 5-day visa-free thing) you might need to have a policy with serial No and other related info to put into their database, even a translation might be required;

Conclusion: have a conventional insurance policy or the coverage confirmation, even if you have to buy it only for Belarus or buy one on arrival.


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    P.S. Arrival gates 3-4 of the MSQ airport now have ATMs before the passports control. – Andrei Burdenkov Dec 9 '17 at 12:54

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