I am an Indian National and have a L1B US visa. Do I require a visa to travel to Philippines? I intend to stay less than 14 days.

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    How long do you plan to stay?
    – phoog
    Sep 22, 2017 at 17:19
  • less than 14 days Sep 22, 2017 at 19:28

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From the Philippines Bureau of Immigration:

B. Indians may be granted a visa-free entry for an initial stay not exceeding 14 days under the Foreign Service Circular No. 36-12, provided, that they possess:

  • Unexpired US, Japanese, Australian, Canadian, Schengen, Singapore or UK visa or permanent residence permit;
  • A national passport valid at least six (6) months beyond the contemplated stay;
  • Return or onward ticket to the next country of destination;
  • No Bureau of Immigration (BI), National Intelligence Coordinating Agency (NICA), and the International Police (Interpol) derogatory record.

The 14-day visa-free entry may be extended by an additional seven days for a maximum 21 days.

From the information in your question, it seems that you meet the conditions above, in which case you will not need a visa.

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