This summer I went on a trip to the Netherlands visiting cities of various sizes throughout the country from south east to north west. The main stops (for which my question is meant) were Eindhoven, s-Hertogenbosch, Dordrecht, Rotterdam, Den Haag, Leiden.

At some point during this trip I noticed that the only beggar (i.e. homeless person in shabby clothes asking for money, no offense!) I ever saw was a woman in Eindhoven. Coming from Germany I am used to being asked for some money in pretty much every city.

I looked up the ratio of homeless people of both countries on wikipedia and it states 0.42% for Germany and 0.19% for the Netherlands. So as a matter of fact, there are homeless people in the Netherlands, but why did I not see them in any of the cities listed above?

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    It might be that they try to keep the areas high with tourist activity 'clean' of beggars and the like. They (try) to do that in Belgium too. So they are still there, just in the less traversed area's where tourists might go. – Robin Sep 22 '17 at 13:19

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