Terminal C at SXF is reserved for passengers with no checked luggage. If I were to check my luggage in Terminal D, and then exit, and go through security in C (only to re-enter Terminal D airside), what is the worst case scenario?

The main reason I ask is curiosity, although if I were very late for a flight at SXF, the horrendous queues in Terminal D mean this might make the difference between catching a flight or not. I have had family members queue for upwards of half an hour there, which is enough to miss a flight even if making the bag drop deadline.

It should be noted that the only reasons I'd try this would be if I had more than enough time to rectify any issues, or if it was clear I was going to miss my flight otherwise and I'd exhausted all other avenues of action.

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    I think the meaning of "no checked luggage" is that you simply can't do anything with checked luggage in Terminal C as there are no counters. It doesn't mean you can't go trough security there because SXF, in a way, simply is one big Terminal. – Mefistofelis Sep 20 '17 at 15:32

An email to the airport yielded the following answer:

Dear redacted

Thank you for your enquiry.

We are glad to inform you that you may use any preferred security line (in any terminal) to enter the security area at Schoenefeld Airport.

Further information you may acquire via the following link: http://www.berlin-airport.de/en/travellers-sxf/at-the-airport/security-checks/people-and-hand-luggage/index.php

In other words, passengers who check-in at SXF and find the security queues in their terminal long, are fine to use the security queues elsewhere. There's a live indicator on the airport website.

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