I would like to visit Poveglia plague island in Venice lagoon to take some pictures and get in touch with its grim and dark atmosphere. But recently on website atlasobscura.com there was in information that

Poveglia remains for now strictly off-limits to visitors.

So my question is "is it possible to get to the island nowadays"? By hiring water taxi, for example.


I am not completely sure, but I believe it will remain closed until someone agrees to the government requirements for a lease. As of June 2014, that had not happened. This article provides some details. For English, see Wikipedia (but it has not quite as many details). Neither one, however, told me what is the status THIS year.

As for being "off-limits," I don't know whether that is a legal matter or just a matter of availability of transportation,

So, to answer your question as written, Yes, you can go there. But if you really meant "will I get in trouble?" then I don't know.

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