I am applying for a UK visa from Denmark where I am studying and have a residence permit until December 2019. The visa application asks the following question:

What permission do you have to be in Denmark?

-I have a temporary visa

-I am a permanent resident

-I do not have a visa and I am not a permanent resident

I am not sure which option to check.

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    Temporary visa. Permanent resident primarily means you can stay in the country permanently with/without a visa, even though not being a citizen.
    – DumbCoder
    Sep 20 '17 at 9:11

Neither of those options are really good descriptions -- your residence permit is specifically not a visa (Per Article 18 of the Schengen Convention as amended in 2010 a national visa can be valid for at most one year), but neither is it permanent.

The third option is literally correct, but I think I would check "I have a temporary visa", and clarify in free text (you can always attach separate sheets with explanations) that what you have is actually a time-limited residence permit.

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