I'm arriving in Narita airport on December 16 at 09:25 AM. I am a Swedish citizen.

We have a layover of 10 hours. Can we leave the airport within those hours? Do we need a visa? And how long does it take to go to Tokyo city? Many questions, but I would be so glad if someone could help me out.


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As a Swedish citizen, you may enter Japan without a visa for up to 90 days; proof of an onward or return ticket may be required.

You could leave the airport during your layover. After passing through immigration, you can proceed to the train, which will be the fastest route to central Tokyo (there is also bus service, taxis, etc...). Both the Narita Express and the Skyliner serve the airport. You'd likely want the Narita Express, but your exact route would depend on where you're going. A round-trip ticket is available for 4,000 yen, and the trip from Narita to Tokyo Station takes roughly 53 minutes, running every half hour. Consult the timetables for exact times. There are also packages including public transit tickets available.


The old city of Narita is beautiful. There is an exquisite Buddhist monastery, tiny winding streets, quaint old shops. Not, as they say, to be missed.

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