My friend from the Philippines is on a working visa in New Zealand. He would like to bring his 5-year-old daughter to New Zealand for a holiday. What sort of visa will his daughter need? Her mum will be coming with her, too, only for a visit, not to work.

  • And is the mother also a citizen of the Philippines? Sep 19, 2017 at 19:09
  • yes mother citizen of philipines.
    – spirit
    Sep 21, 2017 at 0:02

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As visitors from the Philippines do not qualify under New Zealand's Visa Waiver Program, I believe there are two options available to your friend:

  • Child of Worker Visitor Visa and Partner of Worker Visitor Visa
    If your friend has a Work Visa (and not a working holiday visa) they could apply for a Child of a Worker Visitor Visa and Partner of a Worker Visitor Visa which allows children (under the age of 19) and partners stay/visit New Zealand for the duration of the Work Visa. This visa doesn't allow them to work (although that's not likely for the 5-year-old daughter) or study longer than 3 months.

    Note there are some restrictions on who can apply for partner/child of workers visa - Please see Work visa holder supporting family.

  • Visitor Visa
    The Visitor Visa allows visitors to visit New Zealand for up to nine months visit. Visitors with this visa also cannot study for more than three months or work.

I am unsure whether Immigration New Zealand would require them to apply for child/partner visa rather than visitor visa due to your friend already living in New Zealand as a worker. The Visitor Visa would require evidence they can financially support themselves.

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