The problem with the DayTripper is its too early scheduled return trip (4 hours after the departure time) and allows too little time for me; I hope to spend the whole day until daylight's end.

Is there any reliable, economical alternative water transportation?

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Parks Canada offers a variety of options below. Not sure about the price, so it could add up - but it's worth a call.

Access to the park is by boat only. Due to the limited capacity of our DayTripper shuttle boat service, Georgian Bay Islands National Park is not able to transport tent campers to Beausoleil Island. The following private businesses offer water taxi services for campers. Advanced bookings recommended. Please contact them for details:

CNC Marina: 705-794-5059 or 705-756-3231

Georgian Bay Water Services: 705-627-3062

Honey Harbour Boat Club: 705-756-2411

Honey Harbour Small Motors 705-756-2151

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