I would like to wash about 4kg of laundry in Marrakesh. Finding a place to do this has been tricky. Most places only do dry cleaning or industrial loads. Many tourist forums link to this website: https://lostinmarrakech.jimdo.com/laundry/ however as of September 2017 it says they are closed "due to corruption." My hotel is massively expensive - socks are $3 for the pair.

How do people wash clothes in Morocco? Is there a place I can drop off my clothes to be washed? (Or for them to come pick it up and wash)?

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    a google maps search in arabic revealed a few options (laundry), the wash and fold do not exist in middle east and north africa in general, these laundry places are usually cheaper than hotels: google.com.sa/maps/search/… Sep 17, 2017 at 15:59

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According to this TripAdvisor post, "regular" laundromats are very rare (aka don't exist) in Marrakesh. Residents do laundry in their own home. From how I see it, your options are to ask the hotel to do it, befriend a local to wash it, or just wash them yourself in your hotel room. If it were me, I would wash it myself in this situation.

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