There is a similar question here: How do I cheaply carry a separate extra check-in bag in domestic flights in India?

I am traveling on a domestic flight in India, and need to take two luggages with me (max 23 kgs each). All domestic airlines I checked only allow 15kgs, with extra luggage charges of 500 rupees/kg. so for 31 kgs extra I will play an amount 9300 INR which is three times the flight ticket.

I can pay for a business class ticket, but don't know the rules for baggage for it. I also have SkyTeam Elite with Delta which Jet Air has perhaps a partnership with, but I do not know the baggage rules either (and neither did Jet Air's call center!)

How can I do that?


for Chandigarh to Delhi, use Air India. They provide 25kg checkin free.

If you go early for check in they can allow 2 bags within 25kg (although tkt says one bag).

Forgot to add, it's economy. You don't have to book business class.

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