Tonight I was watching TV and then I saw a walking group of elderly people in a mall. The TV show mentioned that it is a mall walking group.

Since I'm always curious to see new things in the world I have basically two questions:

1) Are there really walking groups in malls in the US?

2) If yes, where should I travel to to optimize my chances to see one?

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    Sorry I'm down voting this because I don't think it's a real travel question. It's just a throwaway culture / customs question disguised as a travel question. Oct 18 '12 at 8:08

More likely it was a group that happens to go to a mall to walk, as well as other events.

For example, you can look in a city on meetup.com for social groups. I've joined a few in Vancouver.

Several of them will advertise walks - be it around the waterfront, a hike, or quite likely indoors.

Indeed, a google search will reveal a few - for example, this Mall Walking meetup with VegasHikers.


There are absolutely groups whose primary purpose is to meet up at malls and walk. Google has this information: here are some examples:

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